How to add social links on Roblox profile

Do you know that your Roblox profile is not complete if you don’t add your social account links?
If you are ready to spend some time on the network and also make new friends, you should do it.
It will help people to easily move over to your profile in such a place. They can know you well by doing that.
If you have the intention of meeting new people, you should do this.
You can even have lots of people as friends or fans when you add it. Even if you have used a platform for Robux, it doesn’t matter. Having social links on your Roblox profile is important.

Please don’t ask me if the free robux website by RBXHatch works. It’s not the reason for writing this post. I don’t know why I got so many messages regarding that. I have used their panel before while following their steps. I can’t show you everything. Just try and keep the result to yourself or your friends. I want to be a pro, the same as you. There is competition.

Here, I won’t waste your time writing things that are not related to this article.
Every one of you should be able to perform this on their profile.

configure roblox social media links

First, how did you register on Roblox? I hope you didn’t use a proxy to signup. If you did, close your browser, clear your history and then use your normal IP address to register. Remember, you want to link your main social media profile, so everything should be real. You should make sure you have a professional social media bio.
Anyway, that doesn’t matter for people that just want to have fun there.

When you are through with that, you are set to getting everything set. Just click on the settings icon.
It is on the top right side of your device.
After that click on settings and then under my account tab, select social.
You can now copy your social media links to the boxes. If it is Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media network, just paste or type it there.
You can also select links which you want to show to your friends.
Make sure you input the correct link there. Roblox may decide to scan the page one day. If they see that it is inappropriate, you may be banned.

Having that setup may not seem to be the only thing you need to do on Roblox for you to start. Is that right? I know you might have been looking for Roblox Robux methods.
Some time ago, you were browsing online to see if there is a website for that.
What you must know is, once you finish adding social links to your Roblox profile, you need that too.
It will help with upgrades and brag.
Don’t be surprised when you see other users bulling you due to lack of the game virtual currency.
So, you should get many of that after you finish doing what you are here for.

Let’s say you have done everything here, what else will stop you from becoming a pro? Nothing! You will have the morale to challenge anyone and also share your result on your social account.

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