How to stream games using slow internet

Many people living in third world countries find it difficult to stream high definition games.
They complain that their internet is slow and can’t give them they high quality video they want.
Some of them even go to forums to ask questions hoping to get a cool answer.
But sometimes, they are not satisfied by replies made on their threads.
Here, my suggestion may not be the best, since some readers may not be happy with it.
They will still keep on looking until they never find a good method or they give up.

I am not trying to look a rude dude. I just want you to understand that some people are not happy no matter how you try to please them.
If you normally watch game trailers on YouTube, you shouldn’t even waste time reading this.
My guide is for those that stream on twitch. They are one’s that might seem lots of live games that makes sense. They get so many restrictions and wish they have a better choice.

This guide does not need a special app installed on your device. I won’t even share a link to any website. I don’t think there is one. You just have to apply a simple tactics and all will be fine.

internet speed test

Do you know Chrome? Everyone knows what it is. It is a web browser that works on computer and so many other gadgets.
Get the latest version not for your personal computer, but for your mobile phone.
Mobile devices consume less data and can show better quality on low speed internet.
You shouldn’t use any firewall blocker. Make sure you allow internet access for the browser.
It’s best you allow JavaScript if you have an app that disabled it.
When you do all that, you will be able to streams games easily.

Another cool trick is using Firefox portable. Why do I suggest that?
It is quite easy to install and sometimes doesn’t store cookies like the normal one.
I think you need to make sure you set it to never remember on the settings tab.
That way, websites can open smoothly whenever you run the browser.

If you have other suggestions, I am happy to know them.
Just share it at the comment section. Make sure it is a method which you have tried and confirmed okay.
Don’t include any website while during that. If you do, your comment will never be live.

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